Our Work

We decided to set up Serracarbassa Horses Resort to find a solution to the problem many owners have when horses are old, when horses are no longer ridden or for competition horses that deserve holidays after a hard season (horse jumping, endurance, dressage…etc)
We chose the Word “Resort” on purpose because our intention is to provide our horses with a general well-being and to help them release stress.
In Serracarbassa property we have wooded areas and meadows appropriate for pasture, where we ensure a natural feeding supervised by a nutritionist vet.
When a new horse arrives, we proceed to adapt it to the new situation in a welcoming paddock with stable for approximately the first fifteen days. This will let us know the animal personality and have a successful integration in its new environment. After this first stage, the horse will join the most suitable group in the final paddock (Retired horses, Competition horses). There will never be more than 10 horses in each group and they will always be in the same area (5-10 ha)
Paddocks will be provided with well water and food permanently. These paddocks are supervised daily and horses feel safe in them, since they are located in wooded areas.
Our intention is to find a resemblance to natural life as much as possible. This way, the animal will be relaxed, having a perfect knowledge of the area and avoiding the risk of unnecessary changes.
We have at your disposal hospitalization stables integrated in the masia. This allows us to have a permanent monitoring in the recovery process.